Czulosc Tenderness 3D 4K movie red epic phantom flex4k aladin mkII angenieux domagala wkreceni


“Tenderness” is a multi-faceted story about youth, decountrifying and attitude toward life.

Julia and Patrick | living-together, careful to each other couple have to face the approaching change.

Artur | self-confident, world curious egoist, works as a coach and barista at the same time. Vacillating between his choices he reaches the point when his world must be defined anew.

Maria | professionally fulfilled actress, running away from any relations, rebuffs every act of closeness.

In their world there is no place for great ideas. Nation, identity, politics or economy are meaningless terms regarding what matters for main characters – defining one’s self through non-committal human tensions and intensities.

The spectator peeks at them in seemingly trivial situations and finds out what is the titular tenederness for each of them. He may observe how the confluence of events and decisions are leading to an ending full of contradictory emotions.

A consistent use of calm narration in 3D technology and thanks to this fact obtained space and almost theatrical form, are setting the spectator close to the viewed story and moves him, literally and metaphorically, to another dimension of the story.