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Nonton Film Lk21 Terlalu Tampan (2019) Full Movie

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Tahun: Durasi: null MenitDilihat:

Mas Kulin who is too handsome always avoids entering regular school and chooses to spend almost 100{a0e5a8ccd94e2f5ad648a818b3525e91ea0703b0fd08eb1e4940d4b9cf11a456} of his life inside the house. He makes his father, Pak Archewe, his mother, Bu Suk, and his brother, Mas Okis, worry. They arrange a scenario that succeed in making Mas Kulin agree to spend the last year of his high school years at a special school for boys, Horridson High School. Mas Kulin’s handsomeness is then exposed to the outside world so his days go unusual: female teachers faint and he becomes the target of BBM High School students. Including a girl that is too beautiful: Amanda. However, in the midst of all that, Mas Kulin find Kibo and Rere, which make him believe that there are still people who can see him as he is.

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Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia

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